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High-speed high dynamic range resonant SAW torque sensor for kinetic energy recovery system

V. Kalinin, R. Lohr, A. Leigh, J. Beckley, G. Bown.

Proc. of the 24th European Frequency and Time Forum, Noordwijk, Holland, 12-16 Apr 2010




Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) also often called a “regenerative braking” has been known to the automotive world for more than half a century. In such a system, a braking torque created by normally driven wheels of a vehicle is allowed to back-drive an electric motor to charge a battery or to spin up a flywheel. Later, the kinetic energy of the vehicle stored in the battery or the flywheel is used to boost acceleration of the vehicle when needed. Nowadays, this technique has been introduced in parallel hybrid car systems where either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor or a combination of both provides motive power.