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Calibration of non-contact temperature-compensated SAW resonant torque sensors

V. Kalinin.

Proc. of 2011 Joint Conf. Of the IEEE Int. Freq. Control Symp. and European Freq. and Time Forum, May 2-5 2011, San Francisco, USA, p. 253-258




A new calibration method has been proposed for passive wireless torque sensors based on SAW resonators. It requires individual calibration of the sensors at the production stage only at room temperature and individual measurement of the difference frequency drift at zero torque over the operating temperature range. This approach greatly simplifies calibration and reduces its cost in the case of high volume manufacturing. Analysis of calibration statistics for the torque transducers has shown that the total measurement errors achieved in this case are very close to those obtained in the case of the individual sensor calibration in several temperature points over the entire operating temperature range.