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As part of the Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with McLaren signed in August 2011 and following on from the success of the KERS project, Transense is now manufacturing torque sensor shafts for Indycar.

The shafts seen in the following video are fitted with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) torque sensors by Transense and extensively tested and calibrated for use within the harsh motorsport environment. The shafts are then supplied to McLaren for integration with the sensor interrogation electronics and shipment to the customer. Modifications to the Indycar shaft for sensor compatibility, the SAW torque sensor and the interrogation electronics all contain Transense patented intellectual property.

McLaren Electronic Systems develops, manufactures and deploys control and data systems for a worldwide professional motorsport market and for other automotive, transport and manufacturing applications. It is an independent trading company of the McLaren Group, based in Woking, UK.

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Sensor Technology has been providing industrial customers with rotary torque measurement solutions for over 30 years, developing its own technology for the instrumentation, test and OEM markets.

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Transense and Mesnac have entered into an agreement to combine their individual areas of expertise, for the purpose of developing Transense's patented tyre pressure monitoring sensor technology for the attachment or embedding of these sensors into tyres.

Qingdao Mesnac Co. Ltd. is a tyre technology company based in Quingdao, China. Mesnac have developed a range of tyre and industrial production processes, control and testing systems and supporting software.

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FEC International (M) Sdn. Bhd. Is an associated company of FEC Inc. Japan. FEC are RFID product development specialists, providing customised solutions from concept to implementation. FEC’s collaborations with international RFID hardware manufacturers have enabled them to provide world class RFID solutions and established them as one of Malaysia’s premier RFID companies.

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