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RNS Number:6900C
Transense Technologies PLC
21 October 2002

Transense Technologies plc - Licence agreement

Transense Technologies plc has signed a licence agreement with TAI-SAW
Technology Co., Ltd ("TAI-SAW") for the volume production of surface acoustic
wave (SAW) devices for incorporation into the tyre pressure and temperature
monitoring systems being developed by Transense's application licensees. Under
terms of the agreement, Transense will receive a royalty on all devices sold
which incorporate its patented technology.

TAI-SAW is based in Taiwan and has been selected as the Company's SAW producing
licensee in Asia Pacific because of its worldwide reputation for developing and
supplying high quality devices for major customers throughout the world,
including other SAW manufacturers.

The Company was founded by a team of former Motorola employees who have
extensive experience in SAW related device manufacturing and process
development. It manufactures a range of high performance components for mobile,
wireless and data communication systems.

Jim Perry, Chief Executive of Transense, said:

"I am delighted that the specialist skills and resources of TAI-SAW will be
dedicated to supporting and meeting the needs of our application licensees. Asia
Pacific accounts for one third of the world production of automotives and, as
such, is a major potential market for our technology.

Having a SAW manufacturing licensee of TAI-SAW's standing and reputation with
established state of the art facilities in the Asia Pacific region will
complement the SAW manufacture currently being carried out under licence in
Europe, enabling our application licensees to obtain product from various major
sources throughout the world as general practice in the global automotive
industry now demands".

21 October 2002


RNS Number:7172M
Transense Technologies PLC
27 November 2006

Transense Technologies plc

Re Agreement

Transense Technologies plc is pleased to announce that it has signed a further
licence agreement with TAI-SAW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Taiwan, to manufacture
surface acoustic wave ('SAW') die for sensors to measure torque and temperature
(TQS). TAI-SAW is already licensed to manufacture devices for measuring the
pressure and temperature on tyre monitoring systems ('TPMS'). Under terms of
this agreement Transense will receive an immediate up-front payment, followed by
a larger amount when sales reach an agreed level. Transense will also receive a
royalty on all sales of TQS.

James Perry, Chief Executive of Transense, said last night: 'TAI-SAW and
Transense have worked closely together since we signed our first licence
agreement in 2002 for the manufacture of SAW devices for tyre pressure
monitoring. The success of this partnership, and the recent news that Michelin
and Honeywell are commercialising our batteryless TPMS technology in US
commercial vehicle tyres, has validated the opportunity for the
commercialisation of our engine and transmission torque management, drive line
and electric power assisted steering system technology.

Honeywell, which signed a world-wide licence in 2004 for our torque technology,
exclusive for powertrain applications, has been working closely with our
engineers together with a number of North American and European global car
manufacturers to incorporate TQS in their vehicles. Although there is still work
to be done before TQS appears in volume production vehicles, the results so far
are encouraging. The same integrated circuit, which lies at the heart of
Transense's interrogation electronics used in TPMS, is also used for torque

TAI-SAW is based in Taiwan and also has a manufacturing plant in China, near
Shanghai. It manufactures to the highest standards and is the fastest growing
manufacturer of SAW devices in the world.

Allen C.H. Wu, Director and General Manager of TAI-SAW said 'TAI-SAW is very
pleased and excited to sign this new agreement with Transense and to reach
another milestone of the collaboration. As a result of working closely together
over several years, Transense and TAI-SAW have built up a very strong technical
team with wide experience encompassing strong SAW design engineering and SAW
manufacturing capability for a wide range of sensor applications. I believe
that by maintaining the present momentum and collaboration using the expertise
of both our companies, we shall be able to fully support the requirements of
Transense's licensees, give them excellent product and service, and ensure that
they are in a position to fully exploit the booming market for automotive

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RNS Number:1031D
Transense Technologies PLC
20 September 2004

Date: 20 September 2004
On behalf of: Transense Technologies plc
Embargoed until: 0700hrs

Transense Technologies plc
Licence with Michelin

Transense Technologies plc announces that Michelin has been granted a
non-exclusive addendum to its license to make or have made discrete component
interrogation electronics for tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Michelin
already has a world exclusive licence to use Transense's surface acoustic wave
(SAW) technology for attached-to-tyre pressure monitoring applications.

James Perry, Chief Executive of Transense, said last night:

'I am pleased to announce that Michelin is extending the licence it has with us
to include the manufacture of Transense's patented interrogation technology. It
is now Michelin's right to either make or have made SAW interrogation systems
comprising of discrete components.

'It is inevitable that as our technology reaches the stage of volume production
and sales, licensees will be trying to manoeuvre themselves into a position
where they can be masters of their own destinies.'

George O'Brien North American Electronics Research Director for Michelin said:

'Michelin is pleased to add Transense's discrete component interrogation to the
prior arrangements between our companies.'


RNS Number:1515F
Transense Technologies PLC
13 June 2001

On behalf of: Transense Technologies plc
Date: 13 June 2001

Licence agreement with Michelin

Transense Technologies plc (Transense) announced today that it has signed a
worldwide licensing agreement with Societe de Technologie Michelin (STM) based
in France. This agreement grants STM the exclusive use of Transense Surface
Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology in its tyres. The agreement also gives the
tyre manufacturer exclusive rights to license the technology to other tyre

Transense develops and patents technology for a range of non-contact sensors,
torque transducers that enable electric power assisted steering, tyre pressure
monitors and sensors for other automotive applications to be introduced into
motor vehicles.



RNS Number:5551E
Transense Technologies PLC
28 October 2004

Date: 28 October 2004
On behalf of: Transense Technologies plc ('Transense')
Embargoed until: 0700hrs

Transense Technologies plc
Licence Agreement with Stack Ltd

Transense Technologies plc, developer and licensor of wireless sensor technology
for the automotive industry, has signed a licence agreement with Stack Ltd to
use its patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor technology in the field of
motorsport worldwide. Under terms of the agreement Transense will receive a
royalty on all sales incorporating its technology.

James Perry Chief Executive of Transense said last night: 'I am delighted that
Stack, the leading motorsport company in the world for dashboard and data
logging technology, has taken a licence to exploit our technology in this very
demanding area for tyre pressure monitoring and special torque sensing systems.

'We have been approached many times in recent years to address this market
sector, which includes F1 and world rally, but to do so effectively would have
taken too much of our engineering time and other programs, which our team have
been working on, would have suffered. However, this is the area in which Stack
specialise and the first use of our TPMS in motorsport is expected next year.'

Alan Rock, Managing Director of Stack said last night: 'We are delighted to be
working with Transense to exploit this exciting technology in motorsport. Tyre
pressure monitoring and torque measurement are both crucial in motorsport and we
have wanted to supply products in both these areas for a number of years. Until
now, the available technologies have not met our requirements for withstanding
the harsh demands of the motorsport environment. The Transense SAW technology
with all its inherent advantages over existing products at last offers a
suitable solution.

'We are confident that the Transense technology will enable us to provide the
best technical solutions for both TPMS and torque measuring systems in
motorsport and we look forward to becoming the leading force with these products

Enquiries to:

Stack Ltd

Alan Rock, Managing Director Tel: 01869 240404
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.