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Translogik is a provider of innovative tyre management solutions for the OTR (Off-the-Road) and commercial vehicle markets



The product portfolio includes wireless tyre temperature & pressure monitoring systems, tread depth, pressure and temperature data collection tools for truck, bus and OTR vehicle tyre inspections, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, patches and UHF readers for tyres and general asset tracking.

The Products have been designed to operate in the most hostile and demanding environments, such as mining, earth-moving and construction.

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iTrack schematic

OTR Tyre Temperature & Pressure Monitoring System

iTrack provides a rugged and reliable solution with a range of features that allow operators to track their vehicles in real-time and receive early warning of potential problems or hazards. This live data allows swift remedial action to be taken, which can be the difference between safe vehicle operation and a major incident. By ensuring the vehicle's tyres are operating within recommended temperature and pressure limits, iTrack brings increased levels of safety to both the vehicle drivers and the technicians that work on them. From a commercial perspective, by ensuring that tyres are correctly inflated, tyre life is extended and costly down-time from repairs and intervention is reduced, improving productivity.

MobiTrack for Android
  • Improved driver and technician safety
  • Real-time tyre temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Remote monitoring via a web browser or mobile device
  • GPS tracking of vehicle location
  • Tracking & logging of vehicle speed and braking
  • User configurable alarms & automated alerts
  • Geo-fencing

Find out more about iTrack on the Translogik website


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Translogik iProbe+

The iProbe all-in-one integrated truck tyre inspection solution

The tough, compact and lightweight hand-held device provides rapid, error-free, wireless measurement of tyre pressure and tread-depth, together with built-in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) interrogation capabilities.

The iProbe brings new levels of functionality, accuracy and efficiency to the commercial truck fleet management market. Translogik product trials have shown that the iProbe can reduce vehicle inspection times by up to 88% and reduce data errors to zero. The iProbe can read RFID tags at up to 50cm - allowing quick and easy inspection of 'dual' tyre configurations.

Communication protocol specifications are provided to allow integration with third party software solutions.

Use of passive RFID tags offers significant advantages over traditional optical tyre identification methods in terms of durability, reliability and ease of use, allowing for accurate real-time asset management, in order to maximise tyre life and performance, and reduce theft and counterfeiting.

The iProbe has a modular design that allows additional functionality to be added as customers require it ensuring the iProbe's abilities can expand as customers own requirements grow. The Tyre Management product range from Translogik is a range of tools and systems that combine to form "state of the art" solutions for the global tyre management and asset control market.

  • Integrated UHF RFID reader - 50cm read range
  • Integrated TPMS sensor reader
  • Wireless tread depth measurement
  • Wireless tyre pressure measurement
  • UHF 840 - 960 MHz for worldwide application
  • Replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Internal sounder with vibration alert
  • Desktop charger
  • Apple iOS device connectivity

Find out more about the iProbe+ on the Translogik website


Commercial Progress


Following recent successful field trials of the Translogik iTrack Tyre Monitoring System for OTR ('Off the Road') vehicles, both Otraco South America and one of the world’s largest mining groups (‘potential customer’) have now completed internal validation procedures and approved the use of the iTrack system. The potential customer submitted a formal request to Translogik for information on the system and whether it would meet its key performance indicators “KPI’s” in respect of 1300 vehicles. In May Translogik was advised that all KPI’s had been met or exceeded during the trial period. Translogik were also advised by the potential customer that it will be recommending fitment to all ancillary mine vehicles in addition to its large haul trucks, more than doubling the potential number of vehicles requiring the system. Translogik’s iTrack is the only tyre monitoring system approved for use by the potential customer in Southern Africa.

Otraco South America is one of the world's leading providers of Earthmover and Off-the-Road (OTR) tyre management services to the mining industry. Otraco South America is responsible for the running and maintenance of BHP's mining truck tyres at the Cerro Colorado mine in Chile and has now fully validated the iTrack online system for real-time remote monitoring of tyre temperatures and pressures. Otraco South America will now be able to install, manage and support the iTrack system at its various customer sites throughout the region. Against a backdrop of ever increasing tyre prices (the price of a 40.00R57 OTR tyre increased 362% in the year to May 2011), and global tyre shortages (BHP is ordering its tyres now to meet its need in three years' time due to a shortage of supply), Otraco South America believes that the potential cost savings achieved through using the iTrack system to remotely monitor and manage mining tyres will make the system extremely attractive within the global OTR tyre market.

iTrack Market

The global haul truck population of the type used in this trial is forecast to grow to 38,000 by 2015 (27,500 in 2010) and given spiralling tyre costs the requirement to maximise tyre life is absolutely critical to the profitability of mining companies. As well as the commercial benefits of using the iTrack system, by having accurate, real-time data on key vehicle and tyre parameters, mine operators are able to receive early warning of potential problems such as tyres overheating or rapid pressure loss, leading to improved safety for both the vehicle drivers and the technicians that service them.

The Board believes the business case for iTrack is compelling given the increasing drive by mine operators to improve safety and that the financial saving from preventing a single haul truck tyre blowout through accurate monitoring would more than cover the cost of multiple iTrack systems. Translogik is now ideally positioned to service this high-value growth market and we are hopeful that now the system has been proven, orders from will follow.

Tyre Inspection tools

Sales of Translogik’s range of tyre inspection tools have continued to grow, with several repeat orders from major customers such as Goodyear Dunlop, Bridgestone Europe and Pirelli. In addition the tools are now being used by Michelin Euromaster through Translogik’s French partner, EDP.

A new version of the iProbe, the iProbe+ is now available, including a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) sensor reader as standard. The iProbe+ has the ability to "wake" third party TPMS sensors, greatly expanding its potential market. The iProbe provides a robust, reliable and user-friendly wireless solution for cost effective monitoring of tyre pressure and tread depth, combined with integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sensor reading capabilities.

In a recent success for the iProbe+ Michelin is using it to interrogate its new “communicating” tyre as part of an initiative to improve the safety of London buses during the 2012 Olympics. The “communicating” tyre integrates both RFID and TPMS and represents a major push by Michelin to incorporate this technology in large bus and truck fleets. Translogik worked closely with Michelin to integrate the iProbe+ into its software for this new system and it provides an excellent showcase of the iProbe+ in a high-profile new product.

Bridgestone Brazil has also begun ordering quantities of the iProbe following product trials and the order received for Q2 2012 was twice the size originally scheduled for Q2 delivery. We believe the increased Bridgestone Brazil order, Michelin “communicating” tyre initiative, and other recent orders are indicative of the gathering pace of RFID adoption within the commercial tyre industry.

As well as broadening the product range, Translogik has been developing its partner network, and in conjunction with Budini Incorporated, a South American tyre management software developer, has developed an Apple approved application for iOS devices that integrates with all versions of the tyre inspection probe. This development work was undertaken at the request of a major tyre manufacturer, and required Translogik to attain Apple approved hardware developer status. Budini supplies its tyre management systems to all the major tyre manufacturers in South America and provides Translogik with a major new distribution partner in the region.