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Transense is pleased to introduce its key licensees. They are currently working with us to commercialise our patented SAW based Temperature & Pressure and Torque sensor technology for automotive and industrial applications.


Licensee Date Type Description
Honeywell 04/2002 & 11/2004 Application / Manufacturing Sensors & interrogation electronics
Honeywell 04/2002 & 12/2006 Application / Manufacturing Pressure sensors for non-automotive applications
Melexis 11/2003 Manufacturing ASIC
Stack 10/2004 & 01/2009 Application / Manufacturing Special Applications Motorsport
TAI-SAW 10/2002 Manufacturing TPMS SAW devices
TAI-SAW 11/2006 Manufacturing Torque SAW devices
Vectron 07/2008 Manufacturing SAW Torque & TPMS die and packaging