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Transense Technologies plc ("Transense" or the "Company")) (AIM: TRT), the provider of sensor systems for the transportation and industrial markets, is pleased to confirm that the tyre probes being used in Michelin's recently announced initiative to improve the safety of buses during the London 2012 Olympics are the "iProbe+".

The iProbe+ is a wireless hand-held tyre inspection tool developed by the Company's trading division, Translogik Limited ("Translogik"). The iProbe+ will be used to provide a wireless non-contact method of reading data from the Michelin 'communicating' tyres to monitor their condition.

michelin using translogik iprobe+

A Michelin representative commented, "By combining the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Radio Frequency Identification chips (RFID), Michelin is enabling London urban transport operators to enhance the safety of the tyres fitted on their buses, thereby immediately improving the mobility of both vehicles and transport users.

"When used with the RFID chips now integrated in MICHELIN X InCityTM tyres, the TPMS sensors not only make it possible to obtain tyre pressure and temperature data easily but also to ensure flawless traceability that streamlines and secures monitoring as long as the tyre is used on the vehicle. The data contained in the chips is transmitted by a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio waves.

"This innovation points the way to new methods of managing fleets, not only of buses but also of trucks, thanks to solutions that will be available in the near future.

"Michelin has innovated by creating a full-fledged ecosystem combining RFID chips and TPMS. With the Michelin 'communicating' tyre, an operator walks past the vehicle with an electronic reader that gathers complete, extremely reliable data in much less time."

Graham Storey, CEO of Transense, commented: "We are delighted Michelin is using Translogik's innovative new iProbe+ tool in this very high profile safety initiative to promote its new 'communicating' tyre tracking system. The tyre industry's move towards RFID is rapidly gathering pace and our tools have once again proven to offer a perfect solution."

michelin using translogik iprobe+ 2