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Transense is pleased to announce that subsequent to recent commercial developments, General Motors Company ('GM') can be identified as the end-customer for the torque drive-line 'flexplate' sensor, using the Company's patented SAW ('Surface Acoustic Wave') technology.

The Flexplate project for evaluation of Transense's SAW torque sensor technology began in 2004. Originally developed for use in eight-cylinder engines, GM has expanded the project to also include its four and six-cylinder family of engines.


As part of this process Transense has successfully negotiated a variation of the otherwise exclusive licence to Honeywell, permitting Transense to deal directly with various named companies including GM preferred Tier 1 suppliers. Since then discussions about the technology have commenced between Transense and a Tier 1 supplier permitted under the Honeywell variation agreement.

The flexplate is an integral part of the vehicle powertrain control system and has the potential to improve vehicle driveability, reduce fuel consumption and improve transmission shift quality. This will be the first time a propulsion system has been able to measure engine torque 'live', enabling optimal control to be maintained throughout a vehicle's life. Current torque management systems rely on simulated models derived from production engine testing which can differ from the actual engine torque output over time. The new flexplate technology provides continuous real-time torque measurement allowing actual torque measurement on a per-vehicle basis for maximisation of engine efficiency.

GM is currently evaluating further applications of the technology for real-time vehicle control.

Graham Storey, CEO of Transense commented: "We are delighted to be able to announce GM as the partner Transense have been working with on the Flexplate project since 2004. Gaining such a strong endorsement of our SAW sensor technology from an engineering team as highly regarded as GM's, reaffirms our belief in the commercial potential of our core technology and supporting patent portfolio. The complexity, level of testing required and technical challenges we have overcome in bringing such a significant new technology to this stage of development cannot be underestimated, and it is testament to both GM's and Transense's technical teams that the project has progressed comparatively quickly."


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